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Who we are

Simplink LTD is a full-time IT Support Provider for small and medium-sized businesses across Cyprus and is widely considered as one of the top companies in its area. It is stationed in Paphos and has been providing services and professional support since 2011 in many key aspects of the IT business sector such as IT Project Management, IT Consulting, Technical Support, Structured Cabling Installation, Network Maintenance, and High-Quality Web Design. These kinds of services range from budget options to the latest state of the art cutting edge technology options. The support provided is of the highest quality and on a 24hour basis. All the employees of the company are fully aware of the values of customer service, that is why their services enable the company’s clients to concentrate more on the quality of their products. While the company’s employees are focusing on them, the company’s clients can focus on their own clients and continue evolving.

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